Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meltzer: Other Dead Astin Patient Was Probably Sherri Martel

In the current Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer covers on the ten-year federal prison sentence of Dr. Phil Astin, Chris Benoit's personal physician, for overprescribing medications. I earlier noted that the harsh sentence was driven in part by information from the prosecutors that two Astin patients other than Chris and Nancy Benoit had died as a result of the doctor's practices, and that one of them was Mike Dunham ("Johnny Grunge"). Meltzer reports that the description of the other dead patient suggests that she was Sherri Martel, another former wrestling personality.

Meltzer also has this:

"Chris Benoit’s father spoke after the sentencing, saying he was hopeful that all of Chris’ medical records would be made available to him, which the government wouldn’t allow with the Astin case still pending. Michael Benoit has been convinced that Chris’ actions were entirely due to brain damage from repeated concussions. The Toffoloni side of the family has privately believed that it was more of a drug cocktail, the combination of steroids and other prescription drugs, perhaps with concussions playing a part, that led to the what happened."

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