Monday, March 21, 2011

Blumenthal Joins National Concussion Debate ‘Under Pressure From Muchnick’

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The Hartford Courant‘s Daniela Altimari, at the Capitol Watch blog, notes that Senator Richard Blumenthal has announced he is co-sponsoring Senator Tom Udall’s bill to strengthen football helmet safety standards:

Blumenthal, a freshman Democrat, frequently voiced concern about the impact of concussions on professional wrestlers during his hard-fought campaign against former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon. He even brought to Hartford the father of a wrestler who killed himself and his family after suffering head injuries during performances.

Blumenthal has been under pressure from one prominent critic of the WWE, California-based writer Irv Muchnick, to take a higher profile role in the debate over how to combat head injuries in sports and professional wrestling.

See “Blumenthal calls for higher safety standards for youth football helmets,”


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