Thursday, May 13, 2010

Questions for Senate Candidate Linda McMahon About WWE Executive Jared Bartie’s Reported Dismissal for Sexual Harassment

The following text was emailed to Ed Patru, spokesman for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign.

Mr. Patru:

My blog is reporting that Jared Bartie, World Wrestling Entertainment’s executive vice president and general counsel, has been dismissed for sexual harassment.

Please ask Linda McMahon to address the following questions:

1. Can you confirm that, as CEO of WWE, you approved Mr. Bartie’s hire in October 2008?

2. Does the report on Mr. Bartie’s incident, combined with other reports on my blog about sexual harassment at WWE (some involving your husband Vince), raise important questions about the corporate culture there and your role in it?

Thank you.

Irvin Muchnick

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