Thursday, May 13, 2010

WWE Sex Harassment Exec Appears to Have Been Terminated

A second knowledgeable source tells me that World Wrestling Entertainment’s chief in-house lawyer, executive vice president and general counsel Jared F. Bartie, has been fired. In the previous post, I said that Bartie, who was No. 5 in the corporation’s administrative hierarchy, had been suspended for a sexual-harassment episode during WrestleMania week in Arizona in late March.

Bartie no longer can be found on the Executive Officers page of the corporate website ( Though the October 7, 2008, announcement of Bartie’s appointment is still among the news releases at the website, a click on the search result for his bio jumps to the Bartie-free Executive Officers page instead.

Tomorrow I’ll again ask WWE communications head Robert Zimmerman to clarify Bartie’s status. I’ll also ask the Linda McMahon campaign for comment.

Irv Muchnick

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