Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Haven Independent Editorial: ‘Voters Should Question Linda McMahon About Wrestlers’ Deaths’

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“Voters Should Question Linda McMahon About Steroids And The Deaths Of Wrestlers”

by John Stoehr

[N]o Connecticut media has reported on Lance McNaught’s death (his stage name was Lance Cade). Only the national media has so far questioned how McNaught, who may have died from steroid use, is the latest in a growing list of fatalities linked to McMahon.


Death seems to be a recurring theme in the “soap opera” that is WWE, according to McMahon…. [P]eople come back to life in soap operas. In real life, they don’t. Voters deserve to know how she treated employees and Connecticut’s media, working for those most invested in her campaign, should be asking the toughest questions. So far, they haven’t. Fortuntely, there’s time.

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