Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wrestling Journalist David Bixenspan Truth-Squads WWE’s Attack on Chris Nowinski

David Bixenspan of Cageside Seats offers a fair evaluation of the seven bullet points of World Wrestling Entertainment’s response to Chris Nowinski’s New England Cable Network interview. See “WWE fires back against Nowinski,”

My favorite:

WWE: “It is very dubious that he ever had a conversation with Lance Cade much less Lance Cade confiding to a total stranger that he used painkillers and steroids.”


I’ll go with Dave Meltzer’s message board post about this to sum up my own thoughts:

Holy fucking shit was that a mistake. The two were together on the roster not only in WWE, but also in two different developmental territories AND WERE A REGULAR TAG TEAM IN DEVELOPMENTAL.

Not to mention Cade in his own voice did a radio interview where he said things very similar to what Nowinski claimed he told them.

Irv Muchnick

P.S. In today’s Wrestling Observer website update, under the headline “WWE whiffs on attempt to hurt Nowinski cred,” Meltzer is uncharacteristically even stronger there than on his subscribers-only message board, and harder on WWE than Bixenspan. Not only is Linda McMahon’s company flat wrong in claiming Cade was “a total stranger” to Nowinski. Meltzer also says Nowinski was not exaggerating about how many times he went through tables: “any look at reports from live matches of his program with the Dudleys would show he went through a table on every house show.”

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Timothy said...

this is a separate question - do you know what state regulations exist for pro wrestling? I know the mcmahons led a lot of deregulation in some states.