Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Linda McMahon Is Not ‘Going to Fade into the Woodwork’ – Threat or Promise?

Linda McMahon, co-founder of a junk-entertainment death mill that has claimed the lives of scores of young men and women, vowed not to “fade into the woodwork” last night as she conceded a 100,000-vote, double-digit-percentage loss to Richard Blumenthal in the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut.

Well, let’s hope not. The biggest public service McMahon ever performed was the defiant decision she and husband Vince made to pour $50 million of their World Wrestling Entertainment wealth into a negatively driven bid for instant high elective office.

“It was a poorly run campaign,” summed up James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch ( “If I were McMahon, I would be asking for a refund, but the thing is this race was straight from the WWE Playbook of deny, deny, deny until people lose interest and can’t hold their noses any longer having to examine anything related to pro wrestling.”

Caldwell then raised the key question:

Will Richard Blumenthal follow up on his suggestion that he would recommend an investigation of WWE’s business practices if elected Senator?... The law of unintended consequences opened up WWE’s story for the world to see. For the health of the wrestlers and the overall wrestling business, it could be a good thing.

Irv Muchnick

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