Friday, November 19, 2010

Linda McMahon’s Second Act

Linda McMahon, losing Senate candidate in a near-landslide, is crawling out of the woodwork a bit faster than expected. That’s like putting the ball on a tee for an experienced and witty pundit like Rick Green, columnist and blogger for the Hartford Courant. See “Linda in 2012? Are You Paying Any Attention At All?”,

Yo, brother Rick – there’s a government story out there as well as a politics story, and your sources in Connecticut are a lot better than mine. Now that you’ve written a post (probably in your sleep) reminding everyone that there is indeed another major election in 2012 – since, you know, we tend to have these things approximately every two years in this country – how about applying your talent to writing about the state investigation of independent contractor abuse at Linda McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment?

Irv Muchnick

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