Saturday, April 17, 2010

Call to Connecticut Newspapers on Linda McMahon Scandal: More Reporting, Less Gum-Flapping

This blog just posted a link to the Norwich Bulletin’s editorial on the fallout of the story by Ted Mann of The Day (New London) that Linda McMahon wrote a memo during her business career as one of the heads of World Wrestling Entertainment that could be ungenerously interpreted as obstruction of justice.

It’s a very good editorial. By my count, there have now been two Connecticut newspaper editorials about this scandal. The other, of course, was in The Day itself.

And there have been zero additional enterprise news stories.

In my posts of the last couple of days, I have exhaustively documented the dormant, but not plausibly dead, story of how Linda and Vince McMahon’s celebrated lead defense counsel, Laura Brevetti, had a “fixer” husband who was involved in all sorts of shady dealings. Some of those dealings involved duping the New York press into running smears of the prosecutors at the 1994 federal steroid-trafficking trial. Other dealings involved outrageously out-of-bounds meetings, with possible witness-tampering cash inducements, with a key prosecution witness and her lawyer.

For any interested reporter who is tired of transcribing sound bites and crunching poll numbers, this is low-hanging fruit.

Irv Muchnick

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