Friday, April 2, 2010

‘WWE Was Willing to Look the Other Way to Compete for Profits’

James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch has a good analysis of Linda McMahon’s appearance two days ago on Connecticut Public Radio’s Where We Live. See “WWE News: Former CEO Linda McMahon continues to be defensive on WWE topics, addresses suspending drug-testing in 1990s,”

The money quote:

McMahon is essentially saying WWE was willing to look the other way and it was more important to compete for profits – the same profits McMahon is using to fund her Senate campaign – rather than effectively monitor the health & well-being of their wrestlers as they formed life-endangering habits that might not come up immediately, but certainly set them up for death or their bodies being ravaged post-wrestling.

The interviewer, John Dankosky, pressed McMahon on key issues and didn’t let up when McMahon showed a bit of strain having to answer so many WWE questions, so it’s worth listening to ...

Again, the link to the interview is My own full taped interview with John Dankosky is scheduled for a future edition of Where We Live.

Irv Muchnick

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