Friday, October 15, 2010

Further Reading on ‘The Consequences of Death’ at Linda McMahon’s WWE – ‘A Very Sad Thing’

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“‘The Question’ – Senate Candidate Linda McMahon (Still) Can’t Answer It (complete 7-part series as a single post),” January 10,

“Randy Orton, Poster Boy for Linda McMahon’s WWE ‘Wellness Policy’ (Part 1),” January 13,

“The Suicide Attempt (Part 2 – Randy Orton, Poster Boy for Linda McMahon’s WWE ‘Wellness Policy’),” January 13,

“Kelly Kelly Skit Was PG-PG Dumb-Dumb. (And By the Way, WWE Death Touches Her, Too),” February 18,

“EXCLUSIVE: WWE Wrestler ‘Umaga’ Died of ‘Acute Toxicity’,” March 1,

“Eddie ‘Umaga’ Fatu Autopsy: 406 Pounds, Enlarged Heart,” March 18,

“Another Dead Wrestler: Chris Kanyon,” April 3,

“Newest Linda McMahon Scandal Bread Crumb: ‘Independent’ Contract of Dead WWE Wrestler Chris Kanyon,” April 4,

“What Linda McMahon and Her Husband Told CNN in 2007 About Concussions and Pro Wrestling Chair Shots,” July 8,

“FAIR GAME – Linda McMahon Answers the Question of Systematic Death for Entertainment Industry Profits With ... Another Question,” August 18,

“Late Lance Cade: ‘Addict’ (Linda McMahon’s Dismissal) Or Untreated Brain Trauma Victim (Plenty of Circumstantial Evidence)?”, August 19,

“EXCLUSIVE: Chair Used to Batter the Late Wrestler Lance Cade Was Autographed by Shawn Michaels and Auctioned by WWE for $315,” August 23,

“Linda McMahon’s Talent Contract Death Clause,” August 27,

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