Saturday, October 23, 2010

Planned Parenthood Becomes the ACORN Bogeyman of Linda McMahon’s Dying Campaign

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Ben Smith of got a leaked memo showing that Richard Blumenthal operatives were working with Planned Parenthood on gathering dirt about – shocker! – misogynistic programming content at Linda McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

Bully for Brother Ben. I think the Blumenthal people involved in this effort should be spanked – not for coordination of a political campaign but for third-degree tomfoolery. This is their idea of a substantive issue, especially at this stage of things?

Naturally, Tom Dudchik’s Connecticut Capitol Report jumped all over the Politico item, as did Kevin “Don’t Call Linda McMahon My Mouthpiece” Rennie.

Meanwhile, so far as I can tell, neither Politico, Capitol Report, nor any other major third-party site has given any play whatsoever to the new Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee attack ad on McMahon highlighting her role in obstruction of the federal criminal investigation against wrestling ring doctor and steroid connection George Zahorian.

For those of you interested in more than the “soap opera,” check out “New Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Ad Targets Linda McMahon’s Obstruction of Justice,”, and “Another Linda McMahon Obstruction of Justice Story Being Blacked Out,”

Irv Muchnick

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