Friday, October 15, 2010

Wrestling Journalist Meltzer: WWE Medical Director’s Quote Is ‘Mind-Boggling’

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Here’s Dave Meltzer (at his daily update at on today’s Hartford Courant story:

In a quote that I felt to be mind boggling, Dr. Joseph Maroon, the WWE Medical Director, said “We have no talent now on steroids.” There is absolutely no way anyone can say that given someone with money with access to designer steroids can take stuff that will get through testing. That would be as preposterous as someone saying that in any sport, well, actually more, because steroids are still more of a part of the wrestling culture than most sports. And that doesn’t address other PEDs that aren’t and in some cases can’t be tested for. It was interesting because Carlos Colon, a WWE business partner, whose son wrestles for the company, said, “Painkillers are somewhat of a necessary evil for pro wrestlers because of the pain and constant travel.” I can guarantee they were not happy about that quote today.

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